Escaping reality.
The stronger version of me.

I’m feeling so fucking hyper right now and I don’t even know why.

Posted on May 28th (1:28am), 1 year ago



my eyes

and once again

the pleasure shackles

me. I taste the tears so sweet

and indulge in it’s pain and fantasy.

Posted on Jan 14th (4:31am), 1 year ago

The sun may set

And the night may fall

But my love for you

Will conquer it all

Posted on Jan 10th (2:42am), 1 year ago
See how happy we are?
See how genuine happiness escape from our mouths to form smiles?
I don’t care how many times you hurt me, how many nights I cry myself to sleep. Love is not love without pain, and relationships aren’t real without problems in it. As long as I love you and you love me, I will stay with you. I promise, we can always make it through. I will cherish those sweet moments forever, even if we wouldn’t end up with each other. I know that we’re on the verge of being apart right now and I am scared because of that. I can’t imagine how my life would be without you. I know that we’ve only been together for seven years but I know in my heart that you already made a big chunk of change in me.
If you’ll leave me, then who would knock on my window just to wake me up because I’m gonna be late for school? Who would cook for me every time I am alone at home? Who would pick me up from school because he knows that I can’t commute? Who would comfort me every time people turns me down or makes me feel so low? Who would make super extra efforts for me when it comes to my Christmas presents? Who would accompany me every Sunday to go to church? Who would call me at dawn and dusk when I am scared of something that I know would be fine later? Who would spend the last penny in his wallet just to buy me something to eat? Who would calm me every time there’s a thunderstorm? Who would cry with me when my pet dog dies? Who would I be proud of when I will introduce the guy to all of my clans? Who would put up through all of my shit and love me for who I am? Who would love me even if I can’t love myself? Who would face my father to ask my hand so he can walk me down the aisle? Who would spend forever and ever with me? Who would?
I love you, I love you. I really do. I want to be with you. It hurts, it hurts a lot. Just seeing you getting a paper cut makes me want to go on hysterical. What more? Seeing you now in a room made of glass, holding on to dear life makes me want to die. That life support pinned to your body hurts me too. What hurts more is that I can’t go near you. Everyone! Your mom, your dad, cousins, friends and I can’t even open the door. Everyone talks about how amazing you are inside and out. I stopped going to school the first week we discovered that you are in a coma. But your dad talked to me, he said that you wouldn’t want it if you we’re awake. I listened to him, I went back to school. I am now a candidate to be a zuma cum laude, see? It’s only a few weeks from now and we’ll celebrate our 8th anniversary. It’s already been a year. I stayed loyal even though people told me to stop. Your mom and dad is already talking about removing your life support. I screamed and screamed after hearing that. They had to calm me down and admit me in a room too. I don’t want it, but I know that we’re only making it hard for you. I don’t want to give up! I won’t give up. I just have one wish, you said that you don’t wanna see me cry right? You don’t wanna tears falling from my eyes. Please, can you wake up for me? Just open your eyes. I want to see those again. Can you say my name? Say my name please? Just say it. Even for one last time. Just for me?
We’re bringing sexy backs YEAH.
Writer's Block.
  • What other people think: Oh, it's nothing. They're gonna gain inspiration later and continue on writing BLAHBLAHBLAH.
  • What writers think: OMFG. I'm just a big chunk of useless meat that exists in this world for nothing. I just wanna like, die. Kill me now. KILL ME NOW. Can you just?! *GETS A DAGGER* Please stab me with this and use my blood to water the plants so my life can have sense. Kill me please! THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING.
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"I’m sorry. I’m sorry." he said. "Things have gone out of hand." he continued then stormed out. I was left there, crying over things that I knew from the start would be bad when it backfires.

"Hell!" I shouted out of frustration. I knew it from the start, but I still followed my heart. Now we’re stuck in abyss and we cannot find a way out. I stood up and walked straight to my cabinet. I searched for the thing that I treasured and kept for years.

I looked at it, it was still handsome. A little cold due to the weather. I stroked it a couple of times before finally reaching to my final decision. It won’t hurt. It won’t hurt. I kept telling myself.

It was already snowing outside, it’s the 24th of December. I knew he would come back for me but, I already decided.

I loaded the gun and placed it inside my mouth.

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Dear Rei,

            I can see that you’re moving forward already and forgetting the bad memories that 2012 brought you. Well, it’s a good thing. Maybe leaving your blog won’t hurt but I know that you will surely miss the people you became acquainted with. I know I’m not in the shoe to tell you that but you always had a choice. Just be sure to choose the right option. Think about it first, okay? Use those lessons that you learned from the past year to be successful in everything you do. Don’t forget to pray and always believe in the Lord. I’m gonna miss you!


                                                                                            The new YOU.

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Happy new year guyth! :)

Last year pa ako huling naligo, kiddin’.

Don’t mind the voices, it’s just me babbling about nonsense things.

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